I just can't help it...  

sparkyvoltage 38F  
67 posts
11/8/2018 11:50 pm
I just can't help it...

There is this one guy on this site.

He is so safe, so sane, normal and reasonable.

I wish he understood how hot that is.

Holy shit.

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 58M
3206 posts
11/9/2018 12:01 am

Well am sure you not describing ME, but if given a chance ya never know, I might be even better !

camperdude_69 58M
3633 posts
11/9/2018 12:20 am

there are a few of us out here that way.

Granny872 66F  
991 posts
11/9/2018 2:05 am

I have become acquainted with a few on this site that fit that description, although there's always been something that prohibits either the meetup or moving to the next level. Better luck to you!

The person who dumps garbage into your mind will do you considerably more harm than the person who dumps garbage on your floor, because each load of mind garbage negatively impacts your possibilities and lowers your expectations ~~~ Zig Ziglar

Sunaj2017 44F

11/9/2018 4:12 am

Fingers crossed - best of luck!

Owatalife 62M
1403 posts
11/9/2018 4:50 am

Maybe nice guys finish first sometimes after all.

BiggLala 47F  
25506 posts
11/9/2018 6:30 am

He is so safe, so sane, normal and reasonable.
-Is he really, or is he advertising that he is?

If you've determined for yourself that he is...score! Good for you. Hope things work out the way you want them to.

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ShibbyWiggles 31M
19 posts
11/9/2018 7:23 am

Yea good luck, I still haven't found anyone on here except for fakes and flakes. Take care, hope it all goes well!

letstalkdirty612 36M
5 posts
11/10/2018 9:29 pm

That a unicorn around here. Can’t believe there are more than one of us

forgotforgetting 52M
6149 posts
11/27/2018 2:14 pm

What a lucky guy...I think.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

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