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Posted:Oct 16, 2021 11:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 11:37 pm

Shit..... Fuck. Ouch.

I hate wings.... serioursly..

no ne contact me..... daniel


I am me. It sucks. You an asshole.bwe will finf yu.. Yeha? IwillbFind "I Own you, "drpb tp."
Take me 341
Posted:Oct 16, 2021 3:54 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 11:11 pm

The phone as we were on the way to the airport. "Da?" I broke down as i handed the phone to Steph. She nodded.

" Jake.... , Stephanie, your cousin from Nova Scotia. Didn't know you had a cousin in Canada, did ya'? Is Emily there? He said yeah, and handed her the phone. It bought minute because women were wily.




OMG.... your aunt from Canada...not by blood, but who cares about that nonsense. Have you ever been to Canada.... NO. you are coming to my home. You''ll love it.... Wait"

", Tina. I am also your cousin, or Aunt. I am not sure how old you are. Daniel is sleeping. Is there a problem. Jake took the phone. ", I am Jake, and you have my Da'."


"'Jake, your da' is asleep.... I understand that, but..... Jake, he needs to sleep. Jake, he really needs to sl... Fine."

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's your ."


"Da'. hold on."

"Da" I Started to cry again, but sniffled. 'You OK, Da/"

'"I am fine, why...love?"

'They wouldn't let us a talk to you until Jake got testy."

"Are you on speaker?"

"We are Da."

I have things I have to do, and you need to know about them, loves. You keep are family safe.... and help Ama...OK? I'll be fine, sweets. Enjoy your new family. I will you, both, when I am done with my job. Promise, loves." They both stared in disbelief.

'"What was I suppose to say"? They both . "Wake up, moron!!!!!

"We've got three hours until you figure things." They were unhappy.

"Daniel, it's Annie." I stared Tina, but she didn't blink.

", love."






"Yes, love."

"You do know we are ALL pregnant with you ,,,right?"




"So you know that we have a more to lose, than you. Right."


"What is the next answer to my question?"

"I'll be fine, love"



Shit. They had no idea what I was going to deal with. None of them did, either, but they all smiled. I looked up because I still had time, Jefe. Shit. I left... again..

"Stop speaking. What?"

He's going to Finland... we'll meet him there.

"He's smart. Don't fuck it up."



'Wheel's down in two hours."

"Ok." Shit... Fuck...and...Shi.t I went up front, and had my breakfast, before i dropped to my death." They looked at me.

"You OK?" I walked past her, and got coffee....NO!. Sara called me.


Dont't trust Marnine."

"I know that, love.... WHAT ELESE????" Trust Marnine.. Trust me, love."
Take me 340
Posted:Oct 16, 2021 12:48 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 11:05 pm


"Sit down, daniel, and listen to me. I don't have long. I don't work here." She grabbed my face and kissed me, like she use to. Trust your women, , except Marnine."


You bought time, but you have time. USE IT!!!!!! They are looking for you. They won't come close Ama's. USE IT. Open your mind, and do it quickly. I am not use to this place.

"Linked,,,, have a happy flight, Danny. Wake up?" I put my boots back on as Tina came in and sat on my lap, and kissed me liked she loved me.

"Don't die. We need you."




"You know how hard it will be to get you into Sweden?"|

"What? Jaak's father is in Finland." Disgust.

"NO, YOU IDIOT!!!! You're maps, and timelines, are skewed. It's why you have us. Willing to trust us to keep our family safe?"

"OK... was that my mom?"

"Jesus Christ....." They both hit me until I woke up. I snorted. "There is a field we could land, but it would be bad. You can shift, or you can jump. We've all been discussing it, because we need you. You should shift into the dragaon."

"I did that once, and Sara was involved, and pushing me into space....."

"We figure it'll be fine.. You don't turn into the dragoan, you die Da." Shit Sara took the phone.

"Jump out of the fucking plane, shift into the dragon you were, and end this, Daniel. You will have the numbers you need. There are two safes, multiple men. We can't end it like you thought. It's not great, but they don't know where you are, and they won't expect.... you.



"Pretty much. You done love?" I nodded. "God, because we need to go. Everyone is safe. Deat is out of ICU, pissed, but OK. We have people there and he will moved in twelve hours. Finish this shit, Daniel. This is between you and Marnine."

I was losing my mind. Why was Sara talking with her.

Take me part 339... trying again
Posted:Oct 16, 2021 11:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 4:00 pm

"I can't remember getting to wherever I was because I kept hitting things. They were all looking for me and something was happening after meeting Gaia. I was more sensitive, or less sensitive. I think I heard, felt, knew more than understood, but couldn't process it, so I fell and hit hard things. The bed was comfortable. I could hear chatter.


"Hold on Love, we're on the phone still trying to keep your ball from getting ripped off." I fell back asleep. I was back with Deat in a different time, or was it. It was a different language, but it was me, and Deat.

"Go, brother. You can't stop all of them and we have womyn to take care of. Go, now." I turned, growled, and turned into something I didn't know. Bear, not bear, but effective. I dragged Deat to safety. Dealing with time, SUCKED!!!!!

They were pushing me....both of them, and laughing. "Stop!!!! I fought Selkies and almost fell into the North Sea. I need to sleep. Leave me be."

"The Captain said you tried to jump." That did it, as I turned and looked at them.


"He said you tried to jump in the water because of Selkies."


"I was there when Tina him. I heard it all. Selkies, really?"

"Leave alone. I need sleep." They both jumped on and grabbed things they shouldn't until I stopped laughing. "OK.... Jesus, leave alone... and you. Did you get your feel, cuz?" She smiled and nodded. I was either going insane, or had stumbled into the most amazing family...ever. I just needed to keep it that way.

"Get dressed mister. You need to eat and we need to talk. You aren't going to like what comes next, neither are we...any of us." Shit. I had porridge and toast. It was a small flat, but nice, The sky was grey, but it was Ireland. It was quiet.

"Where are we?" Tina and Stephanie smiled. We are in my flat in Dublin. I actually own the building," Steph smiled, and nodded. I had no expenses since I was in college. I had to do something with it. Silver got too heavy." I snorted and put really good jam on my toast, as I smiled.

"My neighbor, Rose makes it. It's just the two of us, until her family shows up and then it is a fiasco, but that is months away.." I walked to the window and looked down.

"You own the whole building, or the flat?"

"Building, goofball. Why own a flat when I could have bought all of this."

"And it just you, and Rose... in the entire place?"

"Not when fiasco time happens." I stared at her, confused. "Think day of the dead had sex with All Hallow's Eve, and they had a triplets in New Orleans... except it's more fun. It's why I needed so many rooms.. You come from the Northland, of Bjorn. I come from the south, and east. Gypsies, love. We are many, and you are family, but you're still not going to like what needs to happen. Eat."

"Can I meet Rose and thank her for the jam?"

"She's not here...rarely is. It's why we get along so well." She laughed as only Tina can, with my cousin hugging her. I shook my head and put on my boots.

'"What aren't I going to like?"

"You original plan wasn't...totally dumb... but you would have died. However, as the bear, or dragon.... it's likely you will survive, and we don't need to land."

"And how is this any less likely to end up with me dead...when I would have had a parachute
last time?


"Wings...and also a bear, which is strong."

"When do we leave?"

"eight hours, swee...."

I walked back into the bedroom, took off my boots, and went back to bed. These women were way crazier than my family was... and that is when my mom walked up.

fuck you Japanese lover.net...poet 338 sorry, again. I Try?
Posted:Oct 15, 2021 10:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 4:13 pm

I was stuffing my face when the phone rang. It was Taiiko. "Hold
on, love. Please don't have bad news"

"No. Deat is fine. You were going jump out of fucking plane?
You do know you are getting bit, right?" I smiled, and nodded.


"He's fine but Melinda is pissed, and we agree with her.
They en route . Deat is still unconscious. His team is fine, but
were trained, heavily armed, and looking for you." I nodded.
"WTF, love?"

"I changed the game. You make sure EVERYONE gets whatever they need."

"It's done, daniel. Melinda will the shit out of you."

"Assuming I survive."

Silence... "There is that. Scotland?

Tina has a flat in Glasgow. She my flight from Osaka. There is so much
I don't know, but they do. I figured no one would now, at least
for some time. I just need get out of , which is in progress.
Unless Tina was kidding, I'm taking a boat. A fucking... the
north seas...boat. Tell Sara she and I need talk."


"She's trying keep your balls form getting ripped
off." They all laughed and hung . I looked at Tina. "A
fucking boat?" She nodded.

"Finish eating, You'll probably be really hungry in
hours.," and laughed "I'll meet you in Dublin and then
we can end these people." She didn't understand that this was
set happen when we got married. They were trying take out
because I was anomaly in the Matrix. I was still the anomaly, and I
was about use it. I called Melinda.and got voicemail.

"You can kill me later, but you'll be with family, until Deat
gets there. I figured it was safer if I wan''t there. I'm
sorry." A call...it was Annie.

DANIEL>>>>YOU DID THAT!!!" Silence.

"Miss me?"

She screamed and through the against something.

'"it's Janes. You are more stupid than I ever imagined,
but I like that in a man."

"You're a lesbian?" I was going insane when she gave the
phone back Annie.

"Hi." Growl, low, long, and menacing.

"What part of you do want the most.?"

"My heart. I am trying Annie. I keep getting more balls thrown in the the.

"Tina said hat I am the problem. Is that true, Daniel?"


"No, You are a part of a complicated problem. I could have fixed
this easier, a while ago, but we didn't know love. We know, now.
She was scared..




Do you need anything from us?"

"It's a work in progress. I know where I am going. I am just
sure when. I have be a boat for hours.

"Good!" She hung Tina and Steph took
get...proper clothes. I gave Tina the phone.

"She's made."

Ya' think?" I snorted, and the ground again.

"He wasn't there. We're checking but he's not here.




I could deal with that.... the boat, not so much, but It wasn't so
bad. I was well dressed, and they had tea. I actually had wonderful
time, except hitting the deck, and almost falling overboard. We got in
at four a m. Tina and Stephanie looked at me like something the cat
dragged in, and shook their heads. Tina handed money.

He almost jumped/fell off. We weren't sure, but there were Selkies
in the waters. We good" She gave him more, and smiled at me,
before they both bit me.

Take me part 337... It's two steps back with this. Sorry.
Posted:Oct 15, 2021 4:26 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 4:14 pm

Annie did them of them a solid with the food. I told Tina, and she nodded. She and I took the dishes into the galley. "This is my job, love. You need to help ."

"Have they eaten?"

"Always first after you mister. You becoming a legend, mister, But I keeping you myself.?"

"Keeping whom?"

"Daniel. He's my favorite passenger... and he's odd." My cousin kissed and went take a nap.

"You planning jumping out of the plane?"

"I knew where I was....Christ. It wasn't a bad plan.

"IT wasn't a good plan, love."




"You have any idea how I can get out the airport. How much Gaelic do you know? "She laughed, and shook her head. "You still need a bloody mother. Walk behind after we leave, head down.... Don't smell my butt, OK, go ahead. Jesus. I can get get you back in, but if Interpol is looking for you, Gustav, then we have issues." I already knew Deat was looking into that as I smiled, and fell face first into the floor.



"Kill him this time." Don't piss me off." He hung . At least he still part of his balls. I'd take the face bash because they thought I was heading Denver. It would be at least a day, probably several, them determine what happened, and I should be back...somewhere I needed be.

Tina woke me , which sucked, because she was my sister, and I don't treat my sister like this, but she was smiling...which was also good. We landed. I followed Tina and Steph, carrying their bags. We got the car and they looked at . I was getting anyway, so I pointed at butts...nodded, and then shook my head. They both slapped . Hard!. but I was in Glasgow, again. The phone rang. It was Annie.

"Where are you?"

"Scotland. It's a long story. Why?"

"Deat is in the hospital. Sara saved his life. Everyone on his team, are fine, mostly. Melinda is pissed. Sara is on the phone with her. Why weren't you there?" I was crying as Tina took the phone from me.

"it's me... STOP! Daniel had a vision. his face will show it. They want him. Annie. He was going to jump out of this plane to keep us, and the pilot's safe. They gave him seventy-percent, but he was going to do that, Annie!"




"Yes, he's Daniel and he is trying to stop them. They want him. Deat knew that. Sara knew that, but Daniel was still walking into it. Is anyone dead?"


"Only bad guys, but there are five agents in icu. they should be fine."

"Deat? He'll need to know."



"He's marginal. The plates in his vest saved his life. He's at the best trauma unit in the world. His family is safe, and will stay safe. Where are you?" Tina told them as I woke , and shook my head. I already knew. This was getting interesting, like synching, but it sucked . She handed the phone.

"Who is this?"


" Melinda, ....."

"Love, we are taking care of them..." Tina took the phone out of my hand I passed out .

"He's OK. It was his idea come , and the right one, even though he won't forget this. He has plans that I will leave for you argue about. The wolf is at the door, sister, and we see it but you. This is your head, Annie. He would have ended this ." We were landing and and things went dark.

Shit. I looked around, and growled. Tina slapped . Only speak Gaelic. There were only two who knew it, and they knew less than I did. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We took Uber, because that is what we do, now.. I was thinking about ops when I woke smelling something divine.I staggered into the kitchen, from the couch, and I was eating 'bangers' before I even spoke.


"He's fine...crunchy...but fine. of them . Sara saved his life. Melinda and the girls are their way, ...now."

"Where am I?"

"You are at my flat, in Glasgow, with Steph.... Hun, daniel is ." I was gone and had my hand around Marnine's throat, and squeezing. She was dying as Sara walked and tapped the shoulder. "WHAT?"

"You can't kill her. Please let her go, love." I did for Sara.

"She is family, like us." I stared at her. Deal with this later, Danael."
take me part 336
Posted:Oct 15, 2021 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 4:14 pm

Stephanie walked up behind me, sat in my lap, and kissed me as she held my head, and looked into my eyes. "Thank you Daniel." She held her hand to show me the ring.

"I know, sweets. Tina showed me the ring right after she wanted to give me the blowjob I refused on the first flight." Tina screamed as Steph laughed and kissed me. "I am happy both of you. Your energies are great together. Please don't let her kill me if I fall asleep." She nodded, and kissed me, again as she took Tina, who was holding knife, back into the galley. Deat was right, but Jesus Christ.. I opened the envelope and re-read what was beyond my belief.

There was one attached memo, on top of all the information the FBI had on Gustav. The top page, listed me as Gustav. We hadn't been cleared to leave so I called Deat.

"Solve your problems?"

'Yeah, but this house has some bad mojo. I know someone from the back country, in the bayou, who can sort you out. I am sending you a photo of FBI letterhead linking me to Gustav. Everything else looks like a legit file."


"You're serious?"


"It's not me,..."

"I know it's not you, moron. I watched you're being born. She still likes me better. Who is your source at Interpol, and your lead at the bureau?"

"We'll talk when when you land."



"About that, these pilots... well, Shit. I'm going to roll, Deat. I should land a Longmont, or close. I don't them having issues in case we need them in the future. It'll be fine, but don't tell ANY of them. Let me know if recognize the signature. I'm still pretty sure this is your doing."

"Don't tell any of them about what, Daniel?" She had an entire pot of coffee as she stared at me.

"T....sweets, It's Daniel."

"I'm fine love, but he hasn't answered my question." I snorted.

"I'm jumping out of the plane when we get outside of Denver. They'll know what to do. It's not the first time.

THEY, BOTH SAID< IN UNISON...... said "Are you out of your fucking mind!?" I handed them the envelope and asked Tina if she could just pour me a large cup. She laughed and came back carrying a tray with coffee, and snacks.. They sat and stared at me as they both ate a danish. I reached of one and they both slapped my hand. They wouldn't let me have any coffee, either.

"WHAT???? Did you read that? If that letter is official then I'm beyond fucked. I fix the problem I have there and get back out. What's the worst that could happen?" They stared at me, before slapping me, hard.

"You ever jumped out of a Lear?"

"Not exactly"

"Jesus Fucking Christ.... I'm going to kill you myself. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tina walked into the cockpit and the Captain came out, and I was not a happy camper. I already had too many women angry at me.

"You want to do what?" I told her. "Why?" I told her. Silence. "Give me a minute." I didn't want them in trouble, and now i had no idea who was looking for me. Shit!

"There's no other way?"

"We could land someplace else, and deal with there. All I have is surprise, Captain. Do I want to jump out of this jet, no, but it's what I got to keep you safe." Silence. She walked away and the second in came back. He spoke Swedish. . I looked at Tina, who was smiling.

"Do you speak Swedish?" She kissed me, and nodded. Holy crap.

They understand but, they said it would be better, but It's crunchy. What does that mean, Daniel?"



"About what you would think it'd be, but I'll fine. I've learned bounce." They both screamed at me, and walked away. I was still thinking about how they knew about me, and Gustav. I wasn't involved in that. Javier was, but he was family. Could Philip have left something... a time bomb of sorts? Seemed a long shot at , but someone knew.

Shit! Marnine, and Ingrid, Jaak,and Huun... and Jaak's Da. "Tina." I told her We flew to Scotland. I called Deat on the sat phone and he set things in motion, on his end. Iwas just glad i didn't have to drop out of a Lear, banking at low speed. What the was I thinking?

Steph, Tina and I ate, and drank. I slept...I think? They wanted me there. They were expecting me there. Deat would make it look like I arrived and then their tactical force would take them down. It'd buy me the time I needed. I still wasn't sure how. I knew where, but I still needed more numbers, and a way in and out of both Norway, and Finland, but I needed Haggis..
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take me part 335... repost/rewrite. Sorry.... it's getting worse.
Posted:Oct 15, 2021 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2021 12:01 pm

Sara handed the phone..... I'll pack. I assume you'll want a . "No love but see if Yoshi brought the knives that he gave . Deat will have what I need. Thank you, sweets." I exhaled.

"We both did well, brother. Go figure. Now about we keep the plates spinning one more time.?" I said agreed.

"I'm wheels up in a bit over an hour. You know the airport in Longmont?? Seriously? I trust you, Deat, and the people in this house right now. There are two planes, outbound, at Broomfield if you want your family on one. I'm fine with you on one of the brother. They want me and I plan on them getting their wish but it won't be clean Deat. You are a few years away from a cushy retirement, making the big bucks in private security...don't fuck that up my friend."

"That's exactly what Mel said to me before she kissed, shook her head and took our girls to the farm. I need to go. Visitors."

"Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I threw the glass against the fire place as everyone stared at me. Taiiko walked up and hugged me while we sat on the couch. She spoke in Japanese because it was more challenging, and made me focus. Deat and I did well.


"Deat... Shit!"

"In Japanese, Daniel-san...try." I tried. I was a butcher to the language, which isn't easy to begin with, but it helped me to calm down, for which I was grateful.

"We will make arrangements for everyone. Ama decided to bring everyone here before Norway, and her and Annie are on the phones. It'll make you feel safer to have all of here, and it's a good place to fight from, if need to."


"Yoshi is on the hill. I'll relieve him at first light, and then your girlfriends. She kissed me, and smiled. You do have a fan club, and it's not that big. Go figure." We laughed. Yoshi wanted you to have this.... quieter. She gave me a leather belt with full tang throwing knives, and to hatchet's. I stared at her. "It's a hobby."

I walked into the kitchen and got some coffee. Annie said, "We good, mister?"

"We're good. Deat can take care of himself until I arrive." They ALL laughed, even Jake and Em, who were the most scared. I kissed both of them last. "You tow take care of these idiots." The hugged me, which I loved, but which also broke my heart. They needed to learn to deal with this, but it still hurt me. Sara kissed me, handed me my bag and pointed her finger at me before walked away without saying a word. Ama and I walked outside.

"Why are driving me to the airport, Ama?"

"I'm bored, and needed to tell you a few things. Things you are figuring out, which is amazing, but it's also why so many people you love are in danger. Tina told me before we left that both planes were en route here. They will all be safe, and happy, mostly. Read this." She handed me a large envelope. "'Take your time, . It's involved, and dangerous."

I turned the overhead light on as we drove to the airport, in utter silence. Ama pulled up and a person walked up, and waited.. She kissed my cheek. "Pretty heady stuff. They'll all be fine. You and Deat keep each other safe because neither of you have friends, love. Trial by fire, of Bjorn."

I followed the man through the gate, around security, and too the plane. When I hit the tarmac, hard. Tina was there saying it was fine and to keep preparing to leave on schedule. All I saw Marnine, smiling, having tea with Sara. I pushed myself up. "Are you OK?"

"No, but I need to to get Denver."

"We're stopping in Nova Scotia.... No. Denver. As fast as they can't there, please. Are you coming?"

"Of course, goofball."

"Still want that blowjob." She smiled.

"Maybe, but my fiance wouldn't be very happy." She showed me the most amazing ring, except for the ones for my wives. I'd deal with Marnine later. I opened the envelope and started reading it again. The heading read.


Gustav aka, Daniel.
Take me part 334
Posted:Oct 14, 2021 12:38 pm
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2021 11:18 am


"What? I'm going to change our flight."

"Stop, love. let's talk with Tina." She was less than pleased, but she only glared at . She punched in the chest, per usual, which made Tina and Stephanie laugh, which made Annie laugh, and then kiss as a sorry. I think you need to listen Tina." Everyone was draped around the fire as Jake put more wood on.

Annie looked at her, and Steph. "Tina, we are sisters. We are family. You speak your minds with us, and you can punch him when he needs it, but neither of you have the option of not telling something you may think I don't want to hear. Understood?". They both nodded, and Stephanie hit me, twice.

"That's for never trying to fuck me when we and spent summers together." Everyone was stunned at that.

"What? You liked girls. Jesus Christ, am I the only sane one in this bunch?. If so, we have serious problems."

"You could have made an effort. Sara and Janey scowled at me as they hugged their new best friend, at least Alison shook her, before hugging Stephanie as well as telling her I was always a jerk. I looked at Tina, and Annie, as Tina moved into the family.

"If you make that , Annie, you are sending everyone into oblivion. We migh already be there. You live by a code, I live the same one. Taiiko and Yoshi, Kana and Airi... they live by that code. Chloe and her sisters...ALL of us live by that code, but does your mother... your sister, any of them? You trust that everyone respects the old ways like you do. Sadly, sister, few do anymore. The people in this room might be most of us that still do."

"Don't change the flight, and stop thinking you can trust people that are still work for your mom. I've known you a long time, and you have never wanted to see your family as it is. You are my dearest friend and now my sister because of Stephanie, and Daniel." Annie started cry, uncontrollably. Tina knelt in front of her.

"I'm sorry, T."

"Stop Annie, you did nothing wrong except have a pure heart. 's why your sister, and Ingrid, hate you so much. You have no tears to shed for us, but I love this family. I knew the first flight with Daniel. He sent me to Steph. I know a great deal more about the inner workings of the charter company, and I know people, like me, everywhere else. 's been a long time Ans." Annie smiled and blew her nose.

" has. Tell me, us, what we should do."

"I sent two planes to Colorado, They are fueling as we speak but I know the crews. Their flight plans won't be their destination. They will be sanctioned but you have enough to deal with it." We all smiled, and nodded. I walked up to her, looked at my cousin, and kissed Tina, before kissing Stephanie.

"I knew I liked you on that first flight, You are one smart cookie. Please continue."

"They are waiting for us to go to them, right? Bring them to us, but not here. Take them Steph's, or Japan...on take all of them into the lion's den, Norway. Bring EVERYONE. 's your right. Stop playing defense. My suggestion is...bring EVERYONE that matters to you, and lock down everything else and let what happens, happens. Danael in, but I think all of the people you love the most...ALL of them, should be on those planes, heading away from Denver."

Annie and Sara bolted for the kitchen, as I screamed... I've got Javier. I grabbed Tina's wrist as i called Bet and Javier.... "Hold on Bet. I need a plane out of here and I need it li.."

"'s done, love, but thank you for Stephanie."

"Are you love birds finished? Why are calling us, now?" I told them, everything. Silence Until I started to understand Spanish. "How long before we leave, Jefe? How long will be away?"

The plane will wait, and I'm not sure on the second. Javier, you are going with your family. Consider it an expenses vacation. You do not stay, period. They want someone, something, they can hold over me. It's not going be the people I love."

"We are packing now, Daniel. Javier is coming with us. We things we need bring...alot of things." I told her to hold on. Tina nodded as she was on the phone.

"You and your family, and Mags and Sam and theirs, are all coming here. Annie is calling Henry and Sabrina. everyone who is working for any of us, on a vacation for a few weeks. I'll make it right. Javier. I know, brother, I feel you. Do not stay, and make sure Sam doesn't either. I need to be clear, Jefe."

"He's coming with us, Daniel. We are getting texts, and calls from the girls and Mags. We will make it work love...all of us. We love you." I called Deat, as Annie and Sara handled things with Tina. I had an odd life.


"I need you to get your family out of the house, now..."

"Daniel, we haven't been in the house. My family is safe. Is yours?

"'s in process. I am on my way back.."

"Not smart, I have valid intel that active shooters are looking for you. They are for all us, which is why I am coming back. I'll enough shit to deal with in Norway. Who knew getting married was so hard."

"Smart, if you are meaning what I am thinking?"

"Probably. I need guns, and tac- gear, and it would be nice to not shoot Interpol."

Are they in on this... someone is Deat, unless 's you." He chuckled.

"IF, I wanted you dead, I'd feed you my Etouffee."

"I think you did. You aren't leaving, are you?" Sara grabbed the phone out of my hand.again.

"Hi Deat, 's Sara again. Are they safe? Yeah... o... unnhh huh? Whatever you need, you have. Call me. We can't get you, or them, anything. I'm serious my friend. boggles my mind, but there is a weightier matter... You aren't leaving are you?"




"He's my brother, Sara. He didn't leave me behind when I needed him, I'm not about do anything else. I will say to you, what I told Mel... we've been through worse, with a lot less tac gear."

Deat, tell the girls, all of them that it'll be OK. Use plates in the vests, Deat. Full plates. don't let him not do that, and don't, not, do that. You are too much of a life, Deat, but I am trying to keep both of you idiots alive, for the women love you. You keep my Daniel safe."
take me part 333.... sorry, it's getting worse, or I am.
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 5:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2021 12:42 pm

Sara hugged me as we watched Ama, and Jake walk inside. She looked up at me, "I'm sorry, Love, but I needed to push you sooner than it wad going. You needed to know about Marnine, my Mom, and I, before you went to Denver, because you, her, Ella, and Joseph will be chatting."

"Can I kill them?" She burst into laughter.

"You could try. love, but it might not go the way you wanted. I would be curious, though, after Yosh He's fine, and EVERYONE is impressed, especially Kana. You know she has a huge crush on you, well, not huge,right?"

May we move along. I would like eat some of what I am smelling before I get on plane for ten hours. I'd also like to be cordial with the people I haven't seen for a while, except Yosh" Sara laughed as we walked into the kitchen, and everyone clapped just like in Japan, only now I could understand them when they spoke. It would take longer learn to speak the languages, and longer still to write them, but understanding languages gave us, me, an advantage, and I thought we would need it, and that is when I the floor. I was only able to thin.."SHIT," before I hit.

GODDAMMITT!!! Why was was this shit still happening. Norwegian.

"Da, I am sorry, but I am doing everything I can on my end." I exhaled in disgust at the same time as Jaak's did, but I saw him opening a safe. I focused on that. Numbers. The numbers I had matched that safe. There was a gun, of course, , but a lot of paper. There was another safe, somewhere, and I had figure out the des...I could deal with that. I also need figure out HOW, i could get things.... lot's of heavy things... out of Finland, across the border, and back home, safely, with fucking Interpol watching everything, Fuck a duck, batman, and that was when Deat called. SHIT!!!!

"Hey brother, been a long a day and I need eat. We are on a plane back Denver, early." He didn't take the hint.

"Good, because we all miss you, even Bet and Javier...we will need to discuss that tidbit." !!! "You know someone named, Ingrid Jokinen, and her brother, Huun? "

"Why?" Silence

"NOW, is not the time to be coy, brother, now is the time I need to know everything to save your life, and your family's lives. Stop fucking with me, Is that understood, Captain?" Fuc I can't get out of this life, and I could already feel the bullet rip into my shoulder, as I leapt at Ama.

"Can I call you back after dinner, in an hour... 's European time. I will Deat".... Daniel? I passed out on the kitchen floor. Everyone except Sara....was mostly concerned. My phone rang in the background.

"Hi Deat
's Sara. How is Melinda, and the rugrats? And the House? They got all the nastiness fixed upped to Melinda's standards? Yeah. Is she ?" Damn, she was good. 'Hey love...sadly, I won't be able to because. I need to stay here, even though I hate it." She bought me time.

"....I totally understand. Mel, I have multiple families, and , and I default to pointing, and saying..."YOU!"... in a loud voice. They both howled as Melinda said hang-on, and Deat got back on.


"I think so, Deat?"

"No disrespect, but I am glad we are guys,. Do you remember what we were talking about."

"Deat, after that conversation, I barely remember my own name. Can I call you tomorrow? I'm going to eat, and then coming back to Denver.

"Let's just talk tomorrow, brother. Do we talk that much?"

I looked at Sara, Annie, and Taiiko..."EAT, mister." So I did, lamb stew and fresh baked bread...I was falling into heaven when I heard, from the distance..... "Dad...DA?.... DA!... 's Javier. He said he needs to speak with you, Annie called Bet, and Sara called Javier.

"You have unpleasant friends, and they are unhappywitht you, ALL of you, which means what, my friend.

means, tac op, Javier. Did Deat talk with you, today?

"He did, and I'd make him as a friend. He said nothing, but that was a enough. They are coming for you...in Denver."

" I know a few people know that, call and i trust them, and Deat."

"Trust your Intel as much you can. Get here safe, brother." I stared at the phone as I looked at Tina, and Annie. Annie ran to the kitchen to change the flight. Tina stared at me. "Do you trust me, Daniel?" I did.

"You're Annie is leading you into oblivion. She trusts the old ways. They are few anymore, Daniel. Don't take them to Denver. I yelled for Annie to stop.
take me part 332
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 2:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 10:58 am

I woke up on the couch with a fire going next , which was nice. Jake and Taiiko were staring at me, lovingly. Sara smiled, and shook her head, and then I heard a rage of a voice, and I snapped. I didn't even know what he said past get up, and I pushed Yoshi into the wall as high as I could, and squeezed. I was going to kill him. A man I dearly loved. Jake and Taiiko me everywhere, but I would not yield. He smiled at me as Sara kissed me, and I collapsed, unconscious, again.

I woke on the couch, again, in a soft Alpaca blanket. was dark. I could hear the wood crackle, more need be added, which I did, and stirred the coals, as Jake came and sat by me. "You OK, Da?" I stared at him as I tried figure out even respond him. I had no idea, so I lied.

"I'm fine goofball, but what happened?"

"You tried kill grandpa, Yoshi. Taiiko ,and I, couldn't get you stop. You had him on the wall, almost to the ceiling. Sara stopped you. Annie, Taiiko, and I chopped the wood Ama needed. You've been asleep all all day, and half the night. Sara kept saying you were fine...that you had work to do.." I stood up as Jake bowed to Yoshi and walked away. Taiiko was behind him, smiling.

"You are not my student, Danael-san. You never were. Your is, but I needed know the man.... that would protect my granddaughter, and my great-granddaughter. I will be hard on Jake-san, but not as hard as I was on you. I had know, in the way I knew. I clapped, bowed, and said Hai, Sensei." He smiled, as did Taiiko, but Jake stared at me as they both walked away and Annie walked up. I sat back on the couch, watching his as she wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me.

"What just happened, Da?" I stared at him because I had lost my words.

"Your Da, and your 'afi,' did what they needed . Your Da was proven worthy of his granddaughter, and their . We unusual ways, . They are not too bad for most, but they are harsh for those of us lead. You are in that line, . 's why you, and Emily, will be staying here while the rest of us go Denver." He stared at her, and was getting ready speak.

"Jake, you do what your Ma says, . 's not a punishment. Is the wood done?"

"Not yet Da, but I can see ." I told him we would see to , as one. I kissed Annie and walked outside chop wood.. We walked outside in silence as some stew, or roast, was being prepared. "Da, why did you almost kill Afi?" I smiled, because he was learning the languages I was.

"I didn't . He was trying kill me. He wanted make sure that I could protect your Ma, and your cousin. 's weird, but effective." I took the maul from him. "" attention, and see where the axe is supposed be. You will need learn this thing when you learn Kyudo, and the sword, so learn now, Jake. Now is the easiest time.. Focus, ." He said Hai, and started chopping wood. I could feel then all smiling but I felt so far from a teacher.

We finished the wood pile, with Jake chopping, and me stacking. It was abnormal from Yoshi's culture but even he smiled at how much fun we were having. We weren't Japanese; Sara was right. Jake, nor I, would tolerate what they went threw, even if we respected it. It was settled.

Ama and Sara came out. Sara kissed me, as Ama kissed Jake and told him he smelled, and to take a shower before dinner. "You don't smell, love, but I I need to stay here. I want to make love with you, but Melissa would be hurt, deeply. please know that I wished I was sharing our original bed, in my home, and yours, but that is not the life we were given. We were given what we , sweets. We'll be fine, love. We all will, assuming we make past the next week, or so. Our work is starting. Your work is starting. I'll make sure our are fine. Bethany, and Christine, will be happy, until they realize that neither of the will be going back Colorado. I many more balls in the air, than you, love...but 's fine.
take me part 331
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 1:00 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 6:16 am

I wasn't sure if I had done , or was because in the form of a dragon, hell, I could barely wrap my brain around that tidbit, but things shifted and was looking at Sara, Gaia, and Manine having High Tea. Sara was the reason the other two were alive. I screeched, as i point ceiling and poured my anger into the rock. I was pissed. Sara clapped as Marnine stared at me. I moved toward her as Gaia held up her hand and said enough Danael. I fell to the ground and shifted back.

"That will leave a mark, Marnine, because not even I can undo what a dragon has done, but apparently this one can, since you are here. Get up and share our afternoon tea with us." I growled at Marnine as Sara walked and knelt in front of me.

"You smell better as the bear." She held her nose and smiled. "You came for me, a place I wasn't sure you could find, or get too. Thank you Daniel. I chose wisely, whose to bear, we all did, now stop being impolite and say hello to our hosts, mister." I took their hands, but growled at Marnine, for good measure. They all laughed. It was a pleasant high tea after that although I'm not a fan of cucumbers. Well, I am, but they aren't of me...and I prefer the crust. I was still firmly in the camp of, 'I AM LOSING MY FUCKING MIND!!!!!!' when Sara said.

"I been chatting with Marnine since before I started working with Ama. My mom, Claire, and her, were friends. She visits sometimes but she has super, important, top secret things to handle up above, so she can't get here often." I was literally going insane as i stared at the woman I loved...the woman carrying my first...soon-to-be-born .

"Sara, love, you are odd, like me, but you do remember that she," I pointed at Marnine, and tried to blow fire, or ice, "tried to kill me and Annie, multiple times, right?"

"Of course, silly, but we agreed that 's all just water under the bridge." I stared at, while drooling and said, 'excuse me.' "Love, I am stronger that Marinie. I am stronger than my Ma', and I almost as strong as you, but I doubt that will ever happen... with Gaia. I be here, mister, my chats with with Marnine, but Hanna, and I are completely safe. The person could kill us, is you, and would give your life protect us. You should that. I am fine, love."


"Marnine has been VERY naughty, but I will need be in her role for a very long time, and makes sense that I get insight into what she has seen, and the choices she had to make. They aren't easy choices, love."


"I know, love but I am me, and I am carrying our , will take my place when I leave. You are mastering time, and space. is SO much more Daniel. You need trust me, like I need trust you. You are going raise our Hanna, with Melissa, but also with my sisters, especially Taiko. You and Annie, and Chloe too much to do in the next century, and Jane's and Alison, and everyone in Denver need to lay the groundwork for what will come. is so much you can't see, sweets, but that you seem know. You need keep our Ama safe." She looked unapprovingly at Marnine.... "also, you might die in the process. Somethings can't be avoided. The rest of of soiree is girls , so I will see at home. We are leaving tomorrow for Denver. I adore you, mister."

I was jerked away and opened my eyes to Yoshi sticking ax's into the ground, on either side of my head as everyone screamed. "Get up, and eat what Ama-san makes you? NOW!"

"OK, but can he speak in English." He stared at me, as I thought shit, and his foot hit me on the side of my head, knocking me out, again. , what was I thinking.
take me part 330
Posted:Oct 12, 2021 5:16 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 12:31 am

I stared at Taiiko, as Sara and Chloe came up. "We will take care of us, and her...especially Taiiko. Chop wood, they laughed as they told Emily, Tina, Stephanie, Kana, and a friend of hers...she brought. They were all laughing.

"Why are they laughing?"

"No telling, ."

"Da? Why are they ALL laughing?"

"'s likely at me, but they will laugh at too. 's ok, the laughter you hear is gentle laughter, . &#39's what you want hear the wman yu lv." Yoshi walked out with an ax, and swung it at me. We both dropped, but I rolled and had my sidearm pointed at him.

"Good. I will show you how chop wood? Go eat more. You will do this all night." I looked at him speak, because... he said, "Hai," and walked away. Jake looked at me.

"Guess you are stuck with me. We should probably eat." Jake nodded and went kiss Emily as all the girls came up me, even those I wasn't intimate with, and french kissed me. That is a gift 'a. Gaia bls ye both. You'll be fine," and that was when Yoshi threw the ax at jake.

I grabbed it as all the girls screamed, even Taiiko . I guessed my time wasn't going be like hers. I didn't know what she went through, but no one throws an ax at my . I don't care he is.' I leaped at him, which was irrelevant. Taiiko kicked me, which I didn't feel. We were fighting ourselves and Sara yelled...STOP! We fell and stopped.

"What is wrong with you? He is NOT Japanese, and he is trying to understand new languages. Give him some slack, Sensei. And you, pointing at Taiiko, I adore my Daniel. I will obliterate you, and I don't use that word, lightly ma'am. I am trusting more to you than can understand... and your garndfather is throwing axes at him. Sounds kinda right, just don't this up." Great. I heard all of that, and my was getting ax's thrown at him. I think I passed out because they were shaking me.

"Daniel....Daniel. Wake up." Slap. Hard. Slap, again. Hard. Slap...."Stop! Do we gypsies in the family? Please stop hitting me. Where is Jake?"

"Sara, what are you doing? Why are we falling?"

"Jake and Emily are fine. Stop fighting me...we don't the time, even though you slowed down. Hold on" Shit...GODDAMMIT"

"Sorry!, stop, Daniel. Don't make me hurt you, love. Please." I screeched, as I turned into a dragon, and Sara smiled, said she was sorry, and thank you.... and sent me fifteen million miles into, wherever ....space? How the was I supposed come back from that?

I snorted, I looked at the stars, and I flew back Sara, but she was in Gaia, with Marnine. I plowed into Gaia, where Marnine was, but more importantly, where Sara was. Where my unborn was.

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