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LausnesKees = SeekSenusal
Posted:Apr 16, 2018 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2018 2:10 pm

Some of you may have figured out my profile name. For those that haven't, and are reading this blog, now you know!

So, seek sensual...what does that mean?

It means that for a good part of my adult life now, I've been seeking sensuality...seeking it in myself, and seeking it in others, through others.

I define sensuality as the ability to focus on the pleasure of another, the other, the others, often in the context of a sexual relationship or encounter. It is "other-focused" versus self focused.

As I matured, and became sexual through my teenage years, and into college, I, like most men, was very self-focused. As long as I "got off" so to speak, things were all good. And, surprisingly, the women I as with, were okay with that. Women's orgasms? Great, as long as I got mine. I learned just enough, to lure women into a sexual relationship, and then, get mine.

However, something was missing. Some of the women I saw, started to want more...and wanted me to get mine, until they got theirs. So, I got better at such things as cunnilus, and going slower during sex...and, OH MY much more pleasure...for her, and for me, too.

So, that...along with just wanting more from sex than just getting off, has led to the quest for sensuality. It has led to learning...learning women's bodies, how to tease, please, and pleasure women. And, learning even more so, how much pleasure I derive from pleasing. It has led to exploring more...trying to find more means of providing pleasure...and into areas that I may have had limits around before. But, anything she desires...has become my new norm.

I have also learned that sensuality comes from not just knowing the "how", but also knowing the "who" - knowing her...her body...her thoughts...her desires...her her mind works.

I've found for me, this is a journey. I'm not sure I'll ever "get there". My sensuality journey has led to other forms of sensuality, too. But, the focus on "her" is my main desire...whatever that may be.

So, that's how I got this backwards profile name...
A Blog - Really?
Posted:Mar 26, 2018 7:34 am
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2018 10:19 am

How many of you actually read blog posts on a site like this?

And, how many would read a guy's blog post?

I have to believe that number is pretty small. But, here goes. I'll try to make this interesting, and maybe informative. So, the question I get asked here most is: "Why are you here?"

For me, that answer is probably number one, I'm a sexual guy, and aiming to be a sensual guy. So, I come here to meet others of the same ilk. But, what I've found being on this and other sites is that my preferences have changed. Whereas early on I just wanted to meet someone, now I only want to meet people with whom I feel a connection.

And, connection is such a mysterious term, isn't it?

For me, it has been oriented towards people who first are kind. There are plenty of mean people out there. I've met many. Not interested.

From there, a certain intellectual curiosity, wanting to know about things, the world, me. I mean who wants to be with someone who has no interest in them? And, that interest should be mutual, If I'm not interested in you, why would you want to be with me, right?

Then of course the things that I think many here look for, or seem to look for first, am I physically attracted? Are they open to exploring sensually in the way I am?

So, for me, if that connection is there, if there's attraction, if there's mutual desire to explore, then there's a potential...and sometimes really figuring out potential and meeting, etc, takes time.

So, why are you here?
Why are we here?
Posted:Apr 5, 2018 4:01 pm
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2018 1:21 pm

Well, if you took the poll, or looked at it, you may have seen the results of the question: why are you here?

Sixteen people took the poll, not exactly in the range of the law of large numbers, but of the teen:
Top answer - casual hooks ups (6),
closely followed by: connection, friend with benefits (5),
with next: just chatting or looking (3),
and a response each for: connection, a friend (1), and quickie meeting (1)

So, what does that tell us?
75% percent of us are looking for some kind of sexual relationship- anywhere between a quickie meeting and a friend with benefits. And, more or less evenly split between more casual sex, versus sex within a relationship.

Some of you also gave feedback on what you'd like to read in a blog. , said they were less interested in mundane (my word) sex stories, and more in funny or unique stuff, whereas was, "just give me the sex stories" - assuming those stories are at least moderately arousing. to pull all this together?
You are here for sex.
You'll read stuff, but, it's gotta be interesting, or funny, or revealing about me as a person, or just plain hot and arousing.

Can I do it? Keep watching and see

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