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Poppers and Hypno Porn
Posted:Aug 1, 2021 5:33 pm
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2021 3:11 pm

I had never really gotten into Poppers before. I meet a great friend who lives in NY (no names, But if your reading this you know who you are ); and would arrange play session when ever I was traveling there for work. He had a great cock, (perfect in my opinion) and he was just the right amount of dominate. We would watch porn and I would worship his cock. different positions, different rooms, but loved it best when he would pin me against the wall. He always brought a bottle of poppers with him. ( and later on I would request he pick up a fresh bottle when we arranging a play date, as I love a freshly opened bottle). Every play session with his was always super HOT.

I still remember, the first time I really got off on the poppers. He was sitting in a chair his legs spread to allow me to get on my knees in front of the chair, so his rock hard cock was right in my face. I took couple of really deep inhales from the bottle, my head began to spin slightly, my body felt warm, the head of his cock was right there inches from my mouth. I could see the head of his cock, the nice mushroom head and the slit at the tip, and i was over whelmed with the desire to have it deep in my mouth, I licked and kissed the tipped then took the shaft in my mouth, struggling to take as much of it into my mouth as I could, with out gagging myself. I felt him place his hands on the sides of my head as he slowly began to grind his hips. all i could think of was how badly I wanted to feel the shaft start to pulse and to have him pump his load into my mouth right then and there. I love doing poppers now; and usually keep a bottle handy so that sometimes when I am alone and jacking off I can do a couple of inhales.

which leads to the subject of “hypo” videos. While surfing porn, and being very inclined to cumshot compilations, I soon discovered a sub-genre of porn, called hypo, of trainer, sissy or even popper trainers. they are generally compilations with them, on topics like cock worship swallow, cock; what ever. But the idea is that watching them makes you want to suck cock or do what ever it is the subject is on. Personally I think this is a false premise LOL; if you didn’t already want to suck cock would you be watching them. Some of them have a voice that talks, gives instructions etc over the video. Many of them are extremely Hot.

But these two things together, have planted the seed for a fantasy I know have…. I am on my knees. in front of a big screen TV, it is playing a hypo video, full of girls taking cum deep in their mouths. the volume is turned low, but i can hear a voice whispering; giving instructions to be a cock slave. ( Maybe my hands are even handcuffed in front of me, if i feel my playmate is trust worthy LOL ). My playmate. stands there cock rock hand, hands me a bottle of poppers and instructs me to take three big inhales before stepping close and i instantly begin worshipping his cock he alternates between gently using my mouth for his pleasure, and stopping to have me hit the poppers, to keep me buzzed. In the end he has me on back on the floor, my head propped up with a pillow to have my head at just the right angle for him as he straddles my face. He has me hit the papers bottle multiple times in quick succession, while still keeping his cock in my mouth. I can hear the voice from the video, whispering about swallowing all the cum; as he holds my head in place and starts to slowly grid his hips; careful not to gag me so I can continue to suck hungrily, he starts whispering too. "Telling me to suck, keeping sucking it just like that, instructing me to suck the cum out of it, that he is going to feed me his load, and that he is going to fill my mouth with his cum". I am really buzzed from the poppers, as i feel the shaft of his cock start to pulsate, and feel his body start to tense. I start trying to swallow it all, but the load is huge and thick and is soon spilling out the sides of my mouth.
Posted:Jul 28, 2021 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2021 4:06 am

Women turn me, Oh my gosh, especially if they are skinny and have sexy delicate feet. Only thing is the more turned on I get the more my mind drifts to servicing a nice coc I love watching porn, and like ALL kinds; basically about the only porn I don’t like is if the woman wears her shoes the whole time. I get distracting thinking , why does he not take those shoes off of her and suck her sexy little toes LOL. I love watching porn with a buddy, especially sitting on a sofa in front of a big screen TV, where maybe his laptop is streaming to the tv screen, and I have logged into one of my favorite porn sites where i have tons of favorite clips bookmarked;

I think it is hot having someone else surfing through the things that I have saved because they turned me on; maybe even seeing them smiling and making a comment about the fact i am a little bit kinky LOL. while surfing they would find a LOT of sexy women feet stroking nice cocks, and a LOT of cumshot compilations, I just love seeing a woman with sexy feet sucking a nice cock, seeing the shaft pulsing and the cum spilling out the sides of her mouth. (other things they would find ... little bit of bondage-nothing painful, just lots of tied up and being used; Transexuals-totally love a women with sexy feet and a dick; bi, and lately a lot of popper/hypno clips- maybe more about that in a future post .

Of course the guy watching this porn with me, has to realize that the more I watch girls sucking nice cocks, the more i will start subconsciously look over at his crotch, maybe even with out realizing it licking my lips; if he pulls it out and starts to slowly stroke it, i can’t help myself i know i will end up on my knees in front of him worshipping it. Although, when he first pulls it out I will be fantasizing about him reach over, placing his hand on the back of my head and gently pulling my face to his crotch, I can hear him whispering “go ahead suck it, you know you want to” as the tip of his dick parts my lips and it slides into my hot wet mouth. I do like to be mildly submissive.
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